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Art your step - episode 1/ part 1

#discovering/exploring site-specific possibilities #choreographedarchitecture #staircasingdance

#stagingdance inunusual places #placingdance/dancingplaces

“If I think of the stairwell, it’s definitely more of a visceral esthetic feeling that the stair has. The floors above each other create an interesting tunnel, but when you inhabit it with people, than it really takes on a real dimension of what this architecture really is, howit relates with the bodies.” (Noemy, BBC World Interview)

Considerată de Dance Magazine ca “site-specific wizard choreograph”, un soi de coregraf-vrăjitoare ce explorează în spectacolele sale relația dintre dansatori, public și spațiul urban newyorkez, coregrafa de origine canadiană, Noemy Lafrance, primește în 2003 Premiul Bessie pentru performance-ul Descent ce avea să-i aducă recunoașterea pe scena artelor performative din New York.

12 dansatori distribuiți pe o scară ce conduce spre cele 12 etaje ale cladirii Clock Tower din New York susțin peste 80 de reprezentații ale spectacolului Descent cu un public de peste 5000 de oameni în perioada 2001-2003.

Noemy Lafrance despre Descent:

“With my show, “Descent,” which took place on a beautiful stairwell designed by Stanford White, in the New York City Court Building Clock Tower, the audience played a major role. The stairwell was designed without columns, so there was a big hole in the middle. The audience was able to stand at the top and look down to see the dancers on each floor, and this created a symmetry that made the repetition of the architecture really come alive. As the show went on, the audience kept moving down floors, so at certain points dancers were above and below them. This enabled multiple shows to go on at once and gave each person a unique experience.”(Revel in New York., 2011)

“Descent is and was a truly challenging project given the space we are working in (stairwell) and the media we are working with (dance). Transporting the “theatre” to tis location transformed our relationship to dance, from its point of departur (the body) to its point of arrival (your eyes).Our bodies are constantly confronted and influenced by architecture that our society erects. As we reflect on how we interact with the environment we built for ourselves, movement speaks of space.” (“Descent’s Dare on a stair”, 2003)

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